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Carlos Dj Sonic can travel and DJ at your nightclub or event anywhere.
To hire Carlos Dj Sonic to D.J. at your nightclub or event call us at 305-308-2375 or email us at

for pricing and availability.
All services-
Note-travel fees apply for points north of Ft Lauderdale Florida and points south of Dadeland the Falls Florida.

Price list-

-Parties other than weddings.-
Package A-

4 hours dj service with professional sound system(perfect for small house parties birthdays daytime parties etc).

Price-$350.00(additional hour $100.00). 

Package B-

4 hours dj service with sound system and light show,(perfect for parties at night were a light show is needed)

Price-$400.00 (additional hour $100.00).

---Weddings/15s  packages and prices---
Package C-

4 hours wedding Dj with sound system and light show and lighted dj booth. 
(This package is ideal for someone who is having a wedding on a budget and only wants a good Dj with no Mc).

Price-$500.00 (additional hour $100.00).

Package D-

4 hours of professional D.J. service with FULL M.C.(available in English or Spanish) includes professional sound system and professional light show with laser show and lighted dj booth.

Price-$800.00(additional hour $150.00)

Package E-

4 hours of professional D.J. service with full M.C.(available in English or Spanish),includes professional sound system and professional light show with laser show and lighted dj booth,PLUS 10 up lights.

Price-$900.00 (Additional hour $150.00).

---Additional services---

-We rent huge professional sound systems and intelligent light shows with lighting trussing.Call us for current pricing


-Up lighting rental.

(Vertical beams of light in color on walls).

Price-$20.00 per light.Flat rate.
Includes delivery,installation and pick up.
(minimum 8 lights).

-Projector with screen.
Screen sizes-60 inches by 50 inches and big 100 inch by 80 inch screens available.Price-$250.00 Flat rate,(includes delivery,installation and pick up).

-Color wash lighting for walls.

Ideal for small rooms.
(the art of lighting walls with color to create atmosphere).

Price-$75 per wall(includes delivery,installation and pickup).

-Light show rental for djs-
Great for djs who need a light show for a party)  (light show includes 2 strobes,two multicolor moonflowers,1 high output green multi effect laser and a lighting tripod stand)-$250.00 Flat rate,(includes delivery installation and pickup).

-Glow party UV lights (black lights).
These lights are perfect to make everything white in the room glow.Beautiful effect.
-$200.00 flat rate,(includes delivery,installation,pickup).

Se habla Espanol.

Contact us to book it-
Miami office telephone-305-308-2375
email address-